Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Faculty Profile: Dr. Tom Farmer

Hello, my name is Tom Farmer. I am a Clinical Psychology Professor at Roosevelt. Additionally, I am the Associate Director of Training and assist students in developing and securing practical training experiences in the MA and PsyD Programs. As a Roosevelt graduate myself, I am quite happy to be back with the RU community. In addition to my teaching and training activities, I am interested in child and adult assessment, including neuropsychological assessment, as well as family therapy and treatment. I am a licensed psychologist who has experience in pediatric neuropsychology, pediatric health, as well as general mental health issues.

As a graduate of Roosevelt University, I am committed to the core mission of social justice. I have taught and developed several service learning courses where students can gain real world experience while promoting individual and community resilence. Students have volunteered in various agencies including homeless shelters, schools, and hospitals. Recently, some of my graduate students developed "strength-based" narrative life stories for some aging individual in a low income African-American community. The project was such as a success that I continue to consult with a not-for-profit agency with a mission of engaging multiple generations together in a similar low-income community. I find these experiences to be rewarding, and I think that many students do as well.

If you are a student interested in psychology in anyway, please stop by and chat (Schaumburg 360M, My engagement in the community through service learning, training, and clinical practice, I have become quite familiar with the psychological community of the Chicagoland area. As such, I would be happy to talk about many of the career and academic opportunities that exist.

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